About GeaCom, Inc.

Company Overview

GeaCom, Inc. was established in 2007 to develop, manufacture and market the Phrazer system. A company based in Duluth, Minnesota, GeaCom is committed to reducing communication barriers caused by differences in language, culture and literacy. Through the development of innovative technology that incorporates communication theory and cultural relevancy, GeaCom will improve communication in situations involving critical information, thereby increasing efficiency, reducing suffering, and saving lives.

GeaCom’s progress and innovation has been recognized through the presentation of a number of awards in 2010-2011. GeaCom was the winner of the High Tech Division of the 2010 Minnesota Cup, a start-up business plan competition attracting over 1,000 submissions, and the LifeScience Alley New Technology Showcase award. Phrazer was also recently a 2011 gold award winner for science and medical in the internationally renowned Edison Best New Product Awards™ competition. Edison Award finalists in previous years have included products from 3M, General Mills and Motorola, so this award is truly an affirmation of Phrazer and GeaCom’s sales potential.


Mission Statement

GeaCom eliminates a fundamental barrier to success inherent in nearly every aspect of world healthcare services, reducing suffering and saving lives.  We address the reasons for the lack of access to care, including remoteness of the patient, poverty, literacy, culture and service efficiency among many others, and help world healthcare services become more inclusive.  Phrazer gives caregivers throughout the world the power to treat anyone… anywhere…


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